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All the songs has been written and recorded between June 2013 and May 2014, while the vocals has been recorded between January and February 2017.
The artworks has been painted between 2002 and 2003 and these are part of the artist's “Série 1” collection.

«With "Agony" they managed to show purity through the vibrations, they managed to take off the film that blurs our eyes to let us see better what's in the deep.»
Rock's Temple - 9/10

«In my opinion Afraid of Destiny are a very great sounding atmospheric and depressive black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album.»
Occultblackmetalzine - 8/10

«If the most atmospheric fringe of Black Metal is the one that you like the most, even better if a bit of spleen fascinates you, "Agony" by Afraid of Destiny is a good purchase.»
Metal Wave - 7.5/10

«A work that departs from the "classics" and is contaminated in an absolutely clever and sensible way. A work that goes beyond the usual schemes and which in my opinion is halfway between "depressive" and "avant-garde".»
Alex Torchia - 7/10

«In short, a welcoming return to the Treviso team that is on the right track to find and affirm their own personality.»
The Pit of the Damned - 7/10

«Reality sometimes can be blurred and that’s what “Agony” invites us to think it over. To look for the evil inside us. To seek an evilish beauty that lives inside our self.»
Metal Addicts - No score


released April 21, 2017

Adimere: All Instruments, Vocals on "Sweet Illness of Mine"
R.F.: Vocals, Backing Vocals
A. Krieg (Darkmoon Warrior, ex-Anti): Vocals on "Autumn Equinox"




Afraid of Destiny Treviso, Italy

Project started in late 2012 by Adimere. This project is born from the ashes of "Vitam Nihil Est".

Adimere - Guitar, Vocals (Backing)
M.S. - Guitar
R.F. - Vocals

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Track Name: A Journey into Nothingness (Part 1)
I feel like I’m out of this world.
I cannot understand
if this is reality
or if it is all a dream.
Fate is scaring me.
What will I become?
What will happen to me?
I do not want to find out
what sufferings await me.
I have the constant fear
of losing everything and everyone
at any moment, without any notice.
When that day comes
I will disappear with them.
Nothing can save me from those moments,
and for this I am anxious.
Slowly now I fall asleep
hoping to never wake up.
Track Name: A Journey into Nothingness (Part 2)
I walk alone in a dark field
without ever coming to an end.
Hours and hours spent walking
and figuring out where I could arrive.
Fog and anxiety are rising,
such as the fear of dying now.
Wind howls in my ears
while I find my way into nothingness.
Thousands of souls are beside me
and I step through them
without seeing reactions.
I do not think they can't hear me.
I call them, they turn around,
but they don't respond.
Am I invisible or not? Answer me!
Am I real or incorporeal? Answer me!
I do not understand where I am.
I do not understand what I am.
Track Name: Rain, Scars, and the Climb
Tears are falling like rain,
and tenderly they caress
my wounded skin.
I remember everything I lived.
Every scar on me is a painful memory.
I'm chasing sweet illusions of joy,
but it seems I can't reach them.
I'm swallowing Ketazolam pills,
for making my mind slowly numb.
I'm feeling so empty and sorrowful.
I only desire to die in this emptiness.
My subconcious is stopping me again
from falling down this climb.
Let me do it!
Don't stop me again!
Let me go!
Don't hold me right now!
All the treatments didn't work,
and I'm suicidal again.
I wish to sleep forever.
I don't care about living anymore.
My last breath will be exhaled
into deep, dark, waters.
Slowly sinking, dying, and resting
in the eternal peace given.
Track Name: Autumn Equinox (Ft. Atom Krieg)
Autumn equinox in my life came
and everything fell to the ground.
There is no end to this sorrow,
there is no further salvation.
Only solitude and emptiness
will coat my soul throughout my life.
And I am still thinking about you
walking away from me forever.
Your footsteps on the ground
are what remain in my thoughts
as the last memory of you,
as the last memory of us.
Red leaves now cover them.
They are covering everything
as a red mask on past times,
as an happy mask on my face.
You see this heart,
it's not ready to settle down.
It has been bruised and tossed around.
It has been shattered,
running after people who don't matter.
It has been ripped apart,
torn to shreds.
It's like this pain will never end.
Autumn equinox in my life came
and everything fell to the ground
as leaves from a dead tree,
as my body from the bridge.
Autumn equinox in my life came
and I'm slowly dying inside
as my heart is getting shredded
from the last words you said to me.
Track Name: Hatred Towards Myself
I tried
to fight the urges.
I fell
into the darkness.
I fought the fight
which had no end.
I became
my own destroyer.
I tried,
I fell,
I fought,
I lost.
I have no one to blame but myself.
My failures are my own doing.
In the end it doesn't matter:
I hate everything I have become.
Track Name: Into the Darkness
The cold blade of Death
is over my bleeding wrist.
I'm fading away.
My life's unfair.
My heart's cold.
My horizon's far.
My dark and rotting soul
is lying in the deepest grave.
Is leaving my unholy life.
My life's unfair.
My heart's cold.
My horizon's far.
Leave me alone
to die by myself
in my solitude.
Track Name: Sweet Illness of Mine (Lifelover cover)
The whiskey bottle's almost empty,
as well as the pack of smokes.
Been awake for several days now,
haunted by the memories.
My heart has become colder than this room,
long time since I felt joy or happiness.
All of the roses you planted have lost
their touch and faded away.
Thinking back on the good times we had,
when we would laugh.
The wind blew in your hair as we
drove across the country.
Not even all of the world's whores
can satisfy me anymore.
I've lost the spark and light,
nothing to hold close to my heart.
I keep staring at the chromed .45
lying on the living room table.
A moment of silence.